"A journey into the magical realm of traditional music, where the drums speak the mothertongue of humankind."

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"The essence of African spirituality is expressed in the ecstatic movements of the dance."

Drumming and dancing have been at the heart of African life since time immemorial. When we play the drum we speak the mother tongue of humankind. We celebrate life, unity, community and love. Together we express our feelings and co-create that vital pulse that transcends all barriers of gender, age, race, religion, culture or pecking order. We hear it: we feel it: and we belong in it!

Guaranteed to make you laugh, drumming dispels stress, chases away sadness and fear, frees you up, invigorates your mind and is a powerful tool for team building, meeting people or for a group of friends to have fun together. Drumming has extensive physiological and psychological benefits that are increasingly understood through scientific and medical research.

Eartheart is Cape Town-based and has been offering drum and dancing to companies, groups and individuals country-wide since 1991. Facilitators Pierre Terblanche & Ushka Mrkusic fuse over 20 years experience of music making and dance.

Eartheart offers a variety of drumming services to companies, groups and individuals: